Ashleigh Roberts

Original Pencil, Ink, and Digital

Strictly Pencil

sketch_eyes Eyes
sketch_women Women
sketch_Nikola_Tesla Nikola Tesla
sketch_Queen_Mary Mary
sketch_happy_boy Happy Boy
sketch_baby_girl Baby

Strictly Ink

tattoo_style_bone_wings Bone Wings
boy_with_flower_in_butt Flower-butt Boy
tattoo_style_hand_and_flowers Given
tattoo_style_long_nailed_woman Long Nails
tattoo_style_pregnant_demon Pregnant Demon
tattoo_style_wonderland Wonderland
tattoo_style_woman_with_green_eyes Green Eyes
tattoo_style_woman_with_bat_wings Bat Wings
tattoo_style_tree_and_foot Chirp


injured_angel Fallen Angel
woman_as_flower Flower Woman
red_haltone_cat Halftone Cat
Catopia_cat_palace Catopia
demon_angel_playing_chess Devil Angel
Clarice_mirror_woman Clarice
Coffee_girl Coffee Girl
creature_parents Creature Baby
creepy_girl_on_bed Creepy Girl
sphere-headed_man Sphere Man
super_monkey Super Monkey
dog_loves_girl Puppy Love
girl_riding_long-necked_creature Dragonette
farting_fly Poof! Fly
video_game_fight_rat-man Rat Man VS Bruhilda
purple_theme_lady_in_purple Purple
kawaii_style_couple_of_cute_characters Cuties
kawaii_style_demon_boy Bad Boy
kawaii_style_bugs Bugs!
creepy_girl_with_red_planet Little Bub
woman_with_musical_staff_wings Music Angel
women_with_musical_staff_wings_gathered_around_an_orb Music Angels Controlling the Orb
orange_theme_thumbs_up_woman Orange
soldier_alone Peace
smiles_design All Smiles
woman_wearing_crown_around_flowers Flowers
sad_guy_in_rain Rainy Day
18th_century_sad_woman Sad Girl
demon_in_modern_clothes Sir Demon
sad_teddy_bear Teddy Sad
teddy_bear's_room Teddy's Room
prisoner_in_strange_land The Prisoner
video_game_fight_beast_vs_pirate Treasure Beast VS Pirate
yellow_theme_lady_in_dress_on_staircase Yellow
scholar_lady_in_study The Scholar

The Chibi Hero Trio

chibi_style_trio_heroes Chibi Hero Trio
chibi_style_trio_hero_Casty CHT - Casty
chibi_style_trio_hero_Blasts CHT - Blasts
chibi_style_trio_hero_AP CHT - AP
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designed by Ashleigh Roberts